Challenge = High

8 to 10 strength challenges designed for anyone to finish.

Compete to Win

Fastest combined time on on the obstacle course + strength courses wins glory!

Feel Acomplished

Taking the Epic Course + Every Joe and Jane Course will feel amazing!

How It Works

Obstacle Course + Strength Course

The competition includes your combined times!

What is Every Joe and Jane Athlete?

Every Joe and Jane will participate in the Epic course. Participants will be challenged on the Epic obstacle course with the weights and the obstacle levels of their choosing. After setting their time on the epic course participants will head over to the Every Joe and Jane course. There you will be challenged with similar obstacles as the Elite course but weights are adjusted to intermediate level.

Who is Epic Every Joe and Jane Athlete?

Someone not at the elite level, but not a beginner either. Wanting a little more than just the epic course.

You can use it for a benchmark to continue to reach your fitness goals and come back to the next event to check your progress. 

Course Obstacles

See descriptions below for weight criteria.

Every Joe and Jane Course Details and Rules

10 Reps Per Exercise

Using the harness provided the athlete will pull the truck to the designated stop point. The athlete will continue to pull the truck until the judge says they are finished. The time cap for this event is 2:30 seconds, failure to complete this will result in a 2:30 seconds time penalty. 



The athlete will take the barbell starting from the ground and bring it overhead, using a lift of their choice. Every repetition will start from the ground. The rep will only count if both elbows, hips and knees are locked and feet are positioned parallel. Any attempt failing to achieve all points locked out at the same time will result in a no rep.

Men | 105 lbs
Women | 65 lbs

The athlete will perform a conventional deadlift using a grip of their choice. Each repetition must start from the ground. Failure to hit the ground prior to beginning a repetition will result in a no rep. Judges will be looking for a lock out of hips and knees for the repetition to count. Any attempt failing to achieve all points locked out at the same time will result in a no rep.

Men | 155 lbs
Women | 95 lbs

The athlete must rack the bag in either a front rack, back rack, or over the shoulder carry. Once the sandbag is racked, the athlete will lunge from start point to end point and back. A lunge will be counted when the athlete's front thigh is parallel to the ground, failure to do so will result in a no rep. At this point the judge will ask the athlete to take a step back and repeat the movement until the movement is done correctly. The sandbag can not be resting on the athlete's leg while lunging.

Men | 100 lbs
Women | 50 lbs

The athlete will pick up the sandbag and throw it over the wall. Once the sandbag is over the wall the athlete will also jump over the wall without assistance from the sides (frame).

Men | 100 lbs
Women | 50 lbs

The athlete will perform a step up with a KB in each hand, then step down and farmer carry the KB to the other box and perform another step up. The athlete cannot let the kettlebells rest on the box while stepping up or stepping down. Full extension at the top. The athlete will repeat until designated rep count has been completed.

Men = 45 lbs x 2 
Women = 25 lbs x 2

Similar to an atlas shrug, the athlete will pick up the strongman bag from the ground, stand to full extension and shrug it over their shoulder. Judges will be looking for a lock out of hips and knees for repetition to count. Any attempt failing to achieve all points locked out at the same time will result in a no rep. If at least half the bag is not over the shoulder, the movement will be counted as a no rep.

Men | 100 lbs
Women | 50 lbs

The athlete will flip the tire once, then they will run to the other side to flip the tire back. Multiple flips in one direction will not count. The athlete must flip the tire back and forth.

Men 200 lbs
Women 185 lbs

We may have a surprise finish at some of our races! It can range from a rope climb, sprint, toes to bar, or any movement the venue will allow. We keep this a secret till day off to keep people on their toes.


  1. Each Athlete will be assigned one Judge to score them during their run through the Every Joe and Jane course.
  2. An Athlete’s time begins as soon as their Judge says “Go.”
  3. An Athlete’s time stops immediately as soon as he/she completes the final obstacle. 
  4. An Athlete’s time may be paused during the course if another Athlete is catching up to them, preventing him or her from moving on to their next obstacle. Their time will resume as soon as the Athlete has moved on to the next obstacle.
  5. Athletes will get 3 attempts to complete a challenge. If they are not able to complete a challenge within 3 attempts, they have to move on to the next challenge and are disqualified for a prize.
  6. There is (10) ten-minute course mid-cap.
  7. There is a (20) twenty-minute time cap to complete the entire course. Any challenges not completed in full by the time (20) twenty minutes will be recorded as a DNF.
  8. The only obstacle with a time cap is the Truck Pull. Athletes will have (2:30) two minutes and thirty seconds to complete the Truck Pull challenge. If an Athlete is unable to complete the Truck Pull within 2:30, they will receive an additional (2:30) two minute and thirty second penalty added to their time. 
  9. The Athlete’s final clock time is noted on their scorecard. The Judge will add all time penalties to the final clock time to find the Athlete’s Final Time. Both Athlete and Judge sign the scorecard in agreement of the Athlete’s Final Time.


Gold, silver and bronze will be given to the Top 3 Joes and Janes with the fastest combined times from the EPIC Course and Every Joe and Jane Course.