Elite Course

Challenge = High

8 to 10 strength challenges designed to push you to the max.

Compete to Win

Fastest combined time on on the obstacle course + strength courses wins glory!

Victory Belt

Elite course winners get the ultimate championship belt.

The ELITE Course begins with a Truck Pull, followed by a series of 8-10 additional strength challenges incorporating kettlebells, barbells, tires, and more! 

Elite Course Obstacles

Elite Course Rules


  1. Athletes competing in the Elite Course may either choose to complete the Elite Strength or the Elite Endurance Course during the registration process. Athletes may not switch courses in the middle of their run.
  2. Each Athlete will be assigned one Judge to score them during their run through their chosen Elite Course (Strength or Endurance).
  3. An Athlete’s time begins as soon as their Judge says “Go.”
  4. An Athlete’s time stops immediately as soon as he/she completes the final obstacle. 
  5. An Athlete’s time may be paused during the course if there is another Athlete is catching up to them preventing him or her from moving on to their next obstacle. Their time will resume as soon as they begin the Athlete has moved on to the next obstacle.
  6. Athletes must complete each challenge with the full amount of prescribed reps or distances. Skipping reps will not be allowed. Athletes will remain at each challenge until they finish the full set of prescribed reps or distance, up to the (15) fifteen-minute time cap. Continuous effort must be made at each challenge to avoid a DNF. 
  7. Non-attempts will result in immediate disqualification.
  8. There is (7) seven-minute course mid-cap. Athlete must be completed with the Ground to Overhead challenge to continue with the course. 
  9. There is a (15) fifteen-minute time cap to complete the entire course. Any challenges not completed in full by the time (15) fifteen minutes will be recorded as a DNF.
  10. The only obstacle with a time cap is the Truck Pull. Athletes will have (90) ninety-seconds to complete the Truck Pull challenge. If an Athlete is unable to complete the Truck Pull within 90 seconds, they will receive an additional (90) ninety-second penalty added to their time. 
  11. The Athlete’s final clock time is noted on their scorecard. The Judge will add all time penalties to the final clock time to find the Athlete’s Final Time. Both Athlete and Judge sign the scorecard in agreement of the Athlete’s Final Time.


Awards will be given to the Top 3 Men and Women in both ELITE STRENGTH and ELITE ENDURANCE divisions with the fastest combined times from the EPIC Course and ELITE Course.